Physiopuncture combines Physical Therapy with the ancient art of Acupuncture.

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Young man I owe you a debt of gratitude beyond words. From the moment I left your office till now I have hardly needed my walking stick. I am able to climb stairs without much assistance for the first time in 4/5 years. I was so afraid of falling to sleep last night thinking that my pain-free body would return to ail me once more. Much to my surprise I was tender when I awoke this morning and since then I’ve been able to work at my desk with zero, I repeat zero pain. I am practically walking on my own strength.

Jared’s work is profoundly transformative. He works with the deepest layers of physical tissue to unravel the source of pain and dysfunction. As a former professional dancer, I have been coping for years with old injuries. Now I better understand their root cause, and it’s easier to keep my body balanced and strong. Because of  Jared’s experience with Chinese Medicine, he treats the entirety of  the system, and I feel the health of my organs improve and support  musculoskeletal healing. His treatments are relaxing and subtle, and his attention is exquisitely tuned. I highly recommend him to anyone!

Jared’s objective is to heal his patients and he (unlike many doctors today) is not motivated by creating a reoccurring and lucrative stream of patients with chronic pain. He’s also a pleasure to talk to and is incredibly informative. I’ll definitely go back for “check-ups” or if I have any future injuries or issues.

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